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GFSI-Certified Foods

Body Worth provides only GFSI certified foods. This is our way of ensuring confidence in the delivery of safe food to our consumers worldwide. The Global Food Safety Initiative is a business-driven initiative for the continuous improvement of food safety management.

Convenience & Lifestyle

Body Worth provides the convenience and the lifestyle that you desire and deserve for your busy life! Top star quality food, now in the comfort of your home kitchen. Experience the high quality restaurant menus now with the ease and convenience of your home. A gourmet dinner is now available for your daily.


The exceptional taste of Body Worth's steaks will verify the top quality cuts and perfect marbling. Our steaks and chops come from the same source of fine meats for iconic steakhouses and master chefs. Choose from the finest trim cut filet mignons, porterhouses, New York strip sirloin steak, rib eyes and all other top star rated fine cuts of meat.